Jaguar CD Creator

Jaguar CD Creator is a Windows utility to create CDs for the Atari Jaguar game console. The graphical user-interface simplifies the creation of Jaguar CDs significantly compared to the old command line utilities. The program can create single program CDs that can be booted on a Jaguar with a CD-ByPass like a Developer Jaguar CD, Protector SE or BattleSphere Gold.

Jaguar CD Creator can also burn menu CDs (one CD with multiple programs) for use on Developer Jaguar CDs with Alpine or Atari Flashcard. Future versions will also support menu CDs for Matthias Domin's upcoming Flashcard.


How it works

Jaguar CD Creator main screen
Jaguar CD Creator main screen

The main screen is divided in three parts namely the "Session1 Audio Tracks", "Boot Track" and "Programs".

Every Jaguar CD needs in the first session one or more audio tracks. These will be played on a normal CD player but can also contain audio tracks for use in CD games. Use the "Add" and "Remove" button here to add/remove audio tracks (wave or raw CD-audio files).

Also required is a boot track containing the boot program. You can select here presets for the CDK 0.1 and CDK 0.2 boot menu's or single program CDs. When selecting a single program CD, select the program file to burn by pressing the "Select" button. For raw file format files you need to set the load address as well.

In the third part you can select the program files to be loaded by the menu boot track. Here you can enter the description of the file which will be displayed in the menu.

Finally select "Burn" in the "Tools" menu to burn the created layout to CD.

Jaguar CD Creator burn screen
Jaguar CD Creator burn screen



Supported file formats:


Supported CD formats:


Known bugs/limitations:





Requirements and download

Download: Jaguar CD Creator Beta version 0.3.1 (Around 3 MB)

To install and run it you need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 which can be downloaded through Windows update or the latest version can be downloaded here.

The Jaguar CD Creator comes without any warranty. Thus if it creates CDs that can't be run on your system, don't blame me. It is still Beta software



Thanks to Glenn Bruner for finding the CDK loaders on the old Atari disks and Matthias Domin for helping me with the CDK & Jukebox loaders. Also thanks to Carl Forhan for providing the default audio track in the Jaguar CD Creator software.
And finally many thanks to Jörg Schilling for the CD-Record software which is used under water.