Freezer Codes

The Turbo-Freezer, made by the German Bernhard Engl, is a small circuit board that plugs into the PBI slot of your Atari XL (There was also a XE version of the freezer). It allows you to stop every program by pressing the red button on the Freezer. You could then save the current execution state to (ram)disk and reload it at a later time to continue playing. It has also has a monitor/disassembler which allowed you to change the current memory contents and then continue the program's execution. By changing the right memory locations, you could alter games so that you have for example unlimited lives.

Turbo-Freezer XL made by Bernhard Engl


One this page you will find many Freezer codes I've discovered. Also in the list are cheat codes already hidden in the game.


How it works

The Freezer codes must be entered in the debugger of the Turbo-Freezer. The game must be stopped, the codes be entered and then the game can be resumed. Some code must be entered before you play while others must be entered while you are playing.

The codes published here are in the Turbo-Freezer format. For example:


Means: Change the contents of address $C234 to $FF, address $C235 to $EA, address $C236 to $03 and address $25 to $34.

With this information you can use these codes also if you have another kind of freezer or emulator with debugger capabilities. For example, the same in the monitor window of the Atari800Win PLus 3.1 emulator is:
C C234 FF EA 03
C C25 34

The code to disable collision detection ($D01D) won't work in Atari800Win. Use the disable collision detection of the emulator instead.

If you have other cheats or Freezer code, please e-mail them to me and I will add them to the list.


Action Biker

C8AD7<30 255 lives Before playing


Airstrike II

CD01D<00 Invisible While playing
C664<FF,FF 255 lives both players While playing



CD01D<00 Invisible While playing



C6275<EA,EA No damage  
C61E7<EA,EA,EA  CC206<EA,EA,EA Don't die if the city is destroyed  
C60F8<EA,EA,EA Don't die if no money  



C7B<FF 255 lives While playing


Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

To die while playing type: 8187826861

Set the code in the option menu on 61,800. Then press 'F' plus <OPTION>
Now you can press the following keys while playing:


Bruce Lee

C26<80 128 lives While playing


Bubble Trouble

C2DDF<FF 255 lives Before playing
C68F<FF 255 lives While playing


Caverns of Khafka

C2567<09 255 lives While playing


Caverns of Eriban

CD01D<00 Invisible While playing



CD01D<00 Invisible While playing


Desmond's Dungeon

C1042<FF 255 lives While playing
C1040<FF 255 power Whil playing


Domain of the Undead

CD01D<00 Invisible While playing



To destroy skull, stand against it and fire CHAOS.

C577A<FF,FF,FF,FF,FF,FF,FF 255 of everything While playing



C2EF0<EA,EA,EA No slow down if you hit the sides  
C2EB1<EA,EA,EA No slow down if you hit the tunnel sides  



CD01D<00 Invisible While playing
CD01D<EE Enemy doesn't fire While playing


Flip & Flop

C87<FF 255 lives While playing
C8E<FF,FF A lot of time While playing


Ford Apocalypse

CD01D<00 Invisible While playing
CFC<99 99 lives While playing


Green Beret

Do not die anymore  


Henry's House

Type in title screen "CPM" for unlimited lives.



C9C01<60 No enemies  


International Karate

Type 'X' and then 1-4 to select speed.


Jet Boot Jack

C5D3B<A4 255 lives Before playing
C2464<A4 255 lives While playing


Jet Set Willy

C38DF<80 255 lives Before playing
C46F3<80 255 lives While playing


CA8<80,80 128 lives  


Laser Hawk

Type 'B' in title screen then you can't die anymore.

C672<F0 255 lives player 1 While playing
C677<10 255 lives player 2 While playing
CD01D<00 Invisible While playing


Last V8

C134F<EA,EA,EA Can ride through all obstacles  


L.A. Swat

C66A<3 Set number of lives back to 3 While playing



C5AFF<FF 255 lives Before playing


Mario Bros.

C29<FF 255 lives While playing


MegaBlast I

Type in title screen "HAVE FUN" for options menu.


Mega Mania

CDC<7F,7F 128 lives for both players While playing


Miner 2049er

Type while playing "213782686" and then <SHIFT> + level number to warp to chosen level.

CB9<A 10 lives While playing


Molecule Man

C605<FF,FF,FF 255 pills, bombs and money While playing


Montezuma's Revenge

C88<FF 255 lives While playing


Mouse Trap

C50<FF 255 lives While playing


Mr. Robot

CC4<FF 255 lives While playing


Mrs. Pacman

C93<80,80 128 lives While playing



CDE<FF 255 lives While playing
CDF<FF,FF A lot of time While playing


Oil's Well

CD01D<00 Invisible While playing


Ollies Follies

Level codes. Type them while playing.

C2E04<FF 255 lives player 1 Before playing
C2E09<FF 255 lives player 1 Before playing
C3680<FF,FF 255 lives both players While playing



CD01D<1 No ghosts While playing


Panic Express

Freezer codes: C9FA4<FF,FF,FF While playing. A lot of time.
C628<FF While playing. 255 lives.


C9FA4<FF,FF,FF A lot of time While playing
C628<FF 255 lives While playing



CCE<FF 255 lives While playing


Pogo Man

CD01D<00 Invisible While playing


Preppie II

CD01D<00 Invisible While playing


River Raid

C6A<CF 207 lives While playing


Sea Dragon

CD01D<00 Invisible While playing



C87<FF 255 lives Before playing
C9F<FF 255 lives While playing


Space Hawk

C67B7<99 99 shields Before playing
C678D<level no. Start with level no. 1-6 Before playing
C6727<99 99 shields While playing
C6728<level no. 99 shields While playing
CD01D<00 Go to level no. 1-6 after finishing current While playing



CBD<03 While playing. A lot of time While playing
C742E<D0 Unlimited time  



Teleporter codes:

Bring objects to WHOLE and then go up, right, right.

C1DC3<FF Start with 100 lives Before playing
CD2<FF Maximum number of lives While playing
CD3<74 Maximum number of power While playing
CD4<74 Maximum number of steps While playing
CD5<FF Maximum number of shots Whil playing



CABCC<FF 255 lives While playing


Steeple Jack

CD01D<00 Invisible While playing


Sticky Bear Basket Bounce

CC84<EA,EA,EA Unlimited lives  


Super Zaxxon

C5AFD<FF 255 lives Before playing


Tank Commander

CC7<FF 255 lives While playing


The Extirpator

C50BD<EA,EA,EA Unlimited lives  


The Goonies

C112C<80 128 lives While playing


The Living Daylights

Pick the objects in the following order:

C80AF<99 More power While playing at the start of each level


The Tail of Beta Lyrae

C4A<FF 255 lives While playing
CD01D<00 or DD Invisible While playing



Set time to x1:6x:xx While playing





Who Dares Wins II

CE366<39,39 99 lives While playing



C8C<FF 255 lives While playing



C2844<EA,EA,EA Unlimited lives player 1  
C2864<EA,EA,EA Unlimited lives player 2  
C285B<EA,EA,EA No weapon power decrease player 1  
C287B<EA,EA,EA No weapon power decrease player 2  
Start with full armory  
C280D<EA,4C,84,28 Invulnerable both players  
C2367<EA,EA,EA Turn off enemy shooting  
Turn off background